Protecting your family for less

According to recent research* only 30% of owners and managers of Limited Companies have heard of Relevant Life Insurance - a personal life insurance policy that can be treated as an allowable business expense, making it a much more tax efficient and cost effective way of providing you with the cover you need to protect your family.

*Legal and General 2017

Relevant life cover is a tax efficient personal life insurance paid for by the business. This can be taken out for any employee within the business, including salaried directors, much like a group death in service policy, but on an individual basis.

The policy can be used to personally protect loved ones and will not count towards the individual’s pension lifetime allowance.

If you're an employer looking to provide a life benefit for a member of staff or if you want to have your own life insurance in a tax-efficient manner and without affecting your Pension Lifetime allowance then a Relevant Life Plan could be the product for you.