Ongoing Support & Tools

When reviewing your mortgage it is important that you are given the correct advice and the most cost effective product is offered to you. Oakwood are happy to be able to offer a dedicated department to make sure that this happens.

Regular reviews, when needed, can save a great deal of money over the term of the mortgage.

Our Customer Care Department is designed to help and guide you through for the life of your mortgage with as little stress and hassle as possible.

We aim to provide you with a first class service including the research and paperwork involved in finding you the best mortgage.

Regular reviews will be offered to ensure that your mortgage and insurances are running in the most cost effective way, in a way that suits your needs and requirements and allowing your mortgage to change with your lifestyle.

In addition, our Customer Care Department can also offer a number of additional services.

We are also able to look at further advances, home improvement loans and secured loans. Just because you have a penalty with your current mortgage it does not necessarily mean that you are not able to release the equity within your home. We can assist you with extra borrowing, whether it is with your current lender or someone new.

We are also happy to pass on any discount that we receive from our business partners. If you are thinking of selling your home, it is possible for us to negotiate lower estate agents fees with the agents who support Oakwood.

Tools to help you

We always want to help our clients, please find some links to the Money Advice Service tools to help you make decisions.

If you need any further assistance please phone us on 01202 587555