Secured Loans

Need funds to improve your home, build the extension you've always wanted, buy a new car, pay for the wedding of your dreams or simply to consolidate your debts to make life easier?

Oakwood Independent Mortgage Consultants can help. Whatever you need money for, get in contact with us and we can put you on the right path.

Secured loans are a way of releasing funds using your home as collateral.

Often the loan can have a long repayment period, helping to keep the monthly repayments lower.

The amount you will be able borrow will typically depend on the following criteria:

  • The value of your house.
  • The amount of the mortgage you have already.
  • Your current outgoings including existing credit.
  • Your household's income.
  • If you have an adverse credit history.

Oakwood Independent Mortgage Consultants is able to thoroughly research the secured loans market to find you the best and most suitable terms for raising your loan.

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