3% Stamp Duty on buy to Let properties more money to the government!
Let's think about this ?
Government allows us to take money out of our pensions funds
We use these funds say to buy goods of which 20% to the Government in Vat
We use the funds to buy an investment property , Government now increases tax on the rental income and now more on the stamp duty.
Investment properties not so attractive to the professional landlord !
So less properties to rent and where can our tenants go ?
Buy their own property , their own first property.
But properties are so expensive so they cannot afford to purchase due to lending restrictions
Lending restriction means they do not have the necessary deposit and when they do they cannot afford the monthly payments as they have very little choice but to have a repayment type mortgage.
So where do they go ?Help the first time buyers , why is so important in their early years to be tied a repayment mortgage when what is more important is money in their pocket and enough money to live.
just a few thoughts

Russell Rogers